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About us

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. Making the decision to purchase and begin investing in precious metals can be a very overwhelming idea; but I am here to offer any support and answer any questions that you might have.

Coins can cost a lot of money and to many, it can be a substantial investment. A financially astute colleague used to say to me on a regular basis, “a £100 is easy to spend and even harder to save.” This is especially true if you pay the taxes you should which can consist of up to 45% income and 12% NI. You are not left with a lot in your hand after the government takes their cut.

I appreciate that for many it is hard to save money. For some, coins will be an investment, an alternative to a savings plan, whilst for others it may well be an indulgence.

Either way, I am asking for you to spend your hard earned money with me and that requires a degree of trust. This is especially difficult when you are making a purchase online from a seller who is not backed up by physical bricks and a mortar shop.


Reasons why you should trust me


    1. PCGS Authorised Dealer

      I am a PCGS Authorised Dealer and have been since October 2014. PCGS places strict criteria on those whom they make eligible to call themselves Authorised Dealers.


      2. NGC Authorised Dealer

      Similarly, I hold NGC Authorised Dealer status who likewise place strict criteria on those whom they make eligible to call themselves Authorised Dealers

        3. Member of the British Numismatic Trade Association

        The British Numismatic Association represents the interests of more than eighty firms located throughout the British Isles.The only persons who can be eligible to become Members of the Association must be a company or individual, registered for VAT, who has carried on full time business as a numismatic dealer or auctioneer in the British Isles for a period of at least five years and, in the case of an individual, shall be at least 21 years of age. The Council need to feel that the numismatic knowledge of the individual or business, the numismatic material offered, ethics and standards of the applicant are worthy of membership. Membership of the BNTA is limited to trading companies and individuals who are based in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

        The above Professional Memberships require extensive peer recommendation and demonstrate that I have been trading for a number of years and am known as a trust-worthy and honest businessman!

          4. eBay

          I have held an eBay shop since 2006 and have 4,000+ positive feedback.


          Why coins?

          My father was aghast when Gordon Brown started to sell off Britain’s gold in 1999. His disgust (yes, he does feel that strongly) at Brown’s actions – selling off Britain’s hard-saved gold reserves lit a fire inside me which continues to burn. Some might say I have gold fever!

          I started buying sovereigns in the late 1990’s but did not comprehend the desire people had to collect coins for their numismatic properties. Numismatic coins differ from bullion coins; while bullion coins maintain the same intrinsic value of gold no matter what coin you purchase, numismatic coins will carry an added value above and beyond the value of the precious metal due to the coins’ rarity. Over time, I developed a keen eye for rare and precious coins, especially early proof strikes which display the pinnacle of the engineering technology and artistic genius of that time.

          The collapse of the banks only added fuel to the fire and now I keep the majority of my wealth in gold coins. I do not trust the ever changing legislation to protect my wealth so do not invest in stocks and shares, pensions and the like. I like to see and hold what I have. Like most financial planners I agree with the concept of a “diversified portfolio”, as such, I hold a mix of bullion and numismatic coins. Bullion coins tend to follow the gold price and are in effect a currency protecting us from the financial storms whereas numismatic coins are more stable with typically a steady price rise over time.

          I often comment that holding a coin is like holding a masterpiece in your hand!


          Mission Statement

          Quality and integrity. I take a lot of pride in my work and although I sell coins of mixed grades I try to be as clear as possible regarding their condition. I use both PCGS and NGC for my third party grading requirements and am happy to accept submissions on your behalf.

          I care about all my clients and customers and you will come to see that I will always go above and beyond for them. At the end of the day I want customers to be comfortable with the choices and decisions they make. My goal, ultimately, is to invest all my knowledge and experience into growing your wealth through gold ownership.


          Life Outside of Coins

          Most importantly to me and above everything else, I am a committed Christian and most Sundays can be found at church.

          I am married to Dina and have a young daughter together.

          I also work in the construction industry during the day and am a qualified Chartered Quantity Surveyor with a focus on the renewables sector.